Onsite Training Options?

Anyone have any leads on anybody available for onsite Bro training in
the US?

Not sure of his current status but we had Liam from CriticalStack onsite multiple times and it was phenomenal experience.

Liam Randall from Critical Stack came to our town for a conference and offered a day long BRO training session. It was great. I highly recommend it if you can get him.

Liam is on list and is absolutely fantastic. If he’s busy due to the recent acquisition / figuring out what to spend his mad $$$ on: we’re currently in the process of scheduling someone that I think is going to be the next best thing. Happy to provide feedback in the next month or two if it helps or provide a contact if interested off list.

Reservoir Labs is also providing Bro training courses in case you are interested.


Jordi Ros-Giralt, PhD
Reservoir Labs
+1 212 780 0527 x110

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all of the great feedback.

We have not scheduled any new onsite training although I am still volunteering at conferences and doing the full day crash courses; I perform them for free although sometime the conference organizers offset the cost to cover the rooms, etc.

I think I will be at BSides DC again this year (4 years running!); it will be easier this year as I’m relocating to Northern Virginia. We’ve done 2 days of classes there the last few years. If you run a conference hit me up privately and we’ll see if we can get scheduled, I really enjoy helping folks get into NSM.

Working on getting some additional options out into the community, including the long discussed NSM Con- already have commits from a bunch of folks!

I’ll make sure to announce them on twitter.


Liam Randall

Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I’ve gotten a couple of promising leads and will be checking into those in addition to looking to attend SOcon and BroCon.