OpenBSD 4.0 bro-1.2.1 port

made for 4.0! will fail on current...

1) for bpf_timeval issue would recommend to define struct
pcap_timeval with 32bits tv elements for partability,
take a look on patches in port.
2) nonbloking dns (ports/net/libbind) works fine with openbsd,
except it throws ugly warning about libc and libbind conflicting
symbols. I hope it will get fixed in -current soon.
renaming conflicting symbols helps:
3) If building with libbind, then aux/broccoli/test/broping.o
wants linking against -lbind...
4) Including net/ethertypes.h in ARP.h is trivial...
5) There should be possibility to avoid picking up libclamav
or libmagic for example with --without-... configure options...

if any issues with this port [except libbind warnings],
please, contact me, so I can fix this in port...