OpenBSD bro.rc unexpected "("


I’ve had the fun of getting Bro installed on OpenBSD and now have a problem with the bro.rc file. Here is the error from the bro.rc:

bash-3.00# /usr/local/bro/etc/bro.rc --start
/usr/local/bro/etc/bro.rc[476]: syntax error: `(’ unexpected

Here are the corresponding lines form the bro.rc:

469 return ${_start_res}
470 fi
472 return 0
473 }
476 stop() {
477 # Check to see if bro is running
478 local _pid
479 local _bro_is_running
480 local _status_result
482 status 2>/dev/null >/dev/null
483 _status_result=$?
485 if [ “${_status_result}” = ‘0’ ]; then
486 # try and stop it

Has anyone else seen this error?



When working on the install, we had to copy ip_ether.h to if_ether.h and then use the gmake 3.8 to get it to work. I’m running OpenBSD 3.8 from the snapshots. Thanks to all who helped!

bro.rc does it's best at catching failures to start but unfortunately
doesn't catch it 100% of the time. Sometimes programs that segfault can
produce error that you are seeing. It is likely that what is happening
is that Bro is unable to start for some reason and the shell script is
failing to catch the error. Is there anything in the *.info file in your
$BROLOGS directory after this happens? If so could you send me that?
Another thing to try is by starting Bro manually from the command line.
I suspect if you do this you will get closer to what the real problem is.

           Roger Winslow

Jeff wrote:

"stop" is an alias that is defined automatically in OpenBSD sh (pdksh):

camield@zigzag $ alias stop
stop='kill -STOP'

I made some other adjustments to bro.rc as well, diff at the bottom.