Packet loss

Hi all

I have just deployed bro onto two systems on my border gateway. They sit off a tap and each system has individual Rx and Tx interfaces bridged using brctl. I am not seeing any interface dropped packets or errors from the Ubuntu host via ifconfig.

When looking at my data within bro that monitors a standalone configuration of br0 has the below line repeated a few times throughout the notice.log

1477283201.681213 - - - - - - - - - PacketFilter::Dropped_Packets 2739608 packets dropped after filtering, 12351460 received, 12351686 on link - - - - - bro Notice::ACTION_LOG3600.000000 F - - - - -

We seem to be getting lots of data and as far as CPU and memory resource consumption goes it’s not under strenuous load. I haven’t changed too much of the configuration of the 2.4.1 build.

Sorry if this has been discussed or asked before but what can I look at optimising or tuning to reduce the packet loss?

One thread I found wasn’t bros issue but the tap and an upgrade of the software fixed it. I cannot do this as it’s without software to tune. It’s a vss active 1gb tap, doesn’t seem to be the tap at this stage but it quite possibly could be :slight_smile:


Just to check - are you running Bro in cluster mode? An 1gb tap is
probably too much for a single process to handle.

Apart from that, on a first glance, that really just looks like Bro cannot
keep up with processing packets. If packets come in bursts, that might
be one reason why the CPU load looks ok, while there is a huge packet


I am using Ubuntu bridge utils “brctl” to bond the interfaces. I’m using dell r610 servers with 16core CPU and 24gb of ram and plenty of disk feeding all of bro logs into splunk

So if I had a manager configured With the bonded interface and pf_ring it would distribute the load over two workers directly connected to the manager?