PF_Ring+DNA and Bro

Is there anyone around with PF_Ring and DNA experience that would be willing to test our PF_Ring+DNA BroControl support for us so that we can get it into the 2.2 release?

Let me know if you have time and the hardware to help us test this.


I’m still on a demo DNA license for now, but some quick notes (and while I haven’t gotten setup with the git repo either!)

pfdnacluster_master would need to be find-able in bro’s helper run-cmd path-- (or add an option into broctl.cfg… what I opt’d for just now)

Add the daemon -d option to line 34 of, interactive mode looks to lockup broctl. Alas, need to keep track of this daemon pid now.

The bro worker’s interface needs to launch on dnacluster:<clusterid> (bro -i dnacluster:21 …etc…)

Will do some more testing later this week, time permitting

Thanks! It looks like we should have some updates for that script tomorrow from someone else that was testing. :slight_smile: