plugin: af_packet 3.0 not working with zkg

Hello Community,

Some of the participants in our project are attempting to install the af_packet plugin via the zeek package manager and are receiving errors since the master was updated from 1.4 to 2.0 ~4 hours ago.

While we can manually download and continue with version 1.4, I am wondering if there is something in particular that needs to be considered.

OS: CentOS8
Zeek: 3.0.1
Command: zkg install zeek/j-gras/gro-af_packet-plugin

  • “Failed to initialize: Bad git executable”
  • “zeek/j-gras/bro-af_packet-plugin" tests failed

Thanks in advance,


Looks like that error is from not having git installed.

2.0 may need zeek from master anyway… but in any case you don’t need to manually install it, you can do

zkg install j-gras/bro-af_packet-plugin --version 1.4.0

The new version of the plugin builds with zeek 3.0. The latest master is not required.

Once the package source is updated, the plugin is also available under zeek-af_packet-plugin.