plugin help

I have a written a small bro plugin. I followed the instructions on the bro plugin page.
If I put my plugin code in /lib/bro/plugins directory everything works fine.
For testing purposes, I’d like to keep plugins directory different from the final directory.
If I have my plugin in /abc/def and set my BRO_PLUGIN_PATH=/abc/def
directory, it fails to load. I run bro using the following command:

/bin/bro -N

The program coredumps…The failure happens in the InitBifs code… which calls my
plugin bif init function. The plugin directory layout is exactly the same as when it works
if I put the plugins directory in directory. Is there something I need to setup
if I have the plugins directory in a different location? thanks.


Should generally be the same. Does it work if you point
BRO_PLUGIN_PATH to the plugins "build/" directory?


Hi Robin,
Thanks for responding to my query…

Yes, pointing it to the build directory works.If I have the plugin under base bro (brobas/lib/bro/plugins) directory, it works.
However if I move the plugins directory to another path it doesn’t work.

Any help is appreciated…

That sounds like it could be a bug in Bro then, I'll try it with
another plugin when I get a chance. In the meantime, please file a
ticket describing the problem so that we can track it. Please attach a
full stack backtrace from the core dump if possible.