port field in file input

Is there anything that prevents me from loading data from a file with an idx type “port”?

I’m trying to put the data in a file:

#fields tgt_port tgt_subnet
#types port subnet

but when my script tries to load the file I get the following error:
Input::READER_ASCII: Number ‘5222/tcp’ contained non-numeric trailing characters. Ignored trailing characters ‘/tcp’

The file reader table idx types are all set to type “port”. I know I can just put all of the information in the script instead of offloading it to a file, but I don’t see anything that would prevent me from offloading the information to a file. I feel like I’m missing something really basic, but I’m definitely missing something.

You have to format the input file in this manner, eg:

#fields exclude_ip exclude_port t comment 25 tcp mail

and define the input structs as :

type ipportexclude_Idx: record {
    exclude_ip: addr;
    exclude_port: port &type_column="t";

type ipportexclude_Val: record {
    exclude_ip: addr;
    exclude_port: port &type_column="t" ;
    comment: string &optional ;
} ;

Hope this helps,