Problem with http request in Bro


I'm trying to use this function in my script:

function find_event(value: string) {
  local url = fmt("%s/%s/ip-src",prefix, value);
  local arg = fmt("--header \"Authorization: %s\"",auth);
  local req = ActiveHTTP::Request($url=url, $addl_curl_args=arg);
  when ( local resp = ActiveHTTP::request(req) )
    print resp;

event Intel::match(s: Intel::Seen, items: set [Intel::Item]) {

Prefix and auth are global.
Just sometimes it prints response. Most of times it prints

rm: cannot remove `/tmp/bro-activehttp-<id>_body': No such file or

Can you tell me please what I'm doing wrong or why it is happenning ?
Thank you