Problem with installing Bro Postgresql plugin


I have been trying to install Bro ‘postgresql’ plugin but have been unsuccessful. The postgresql is there on my Ubuntu 14.04 OS but apparently Bro can’t find it’s library and the include directory. Any help please.


Hi Asad,

please use the version available at and try

./configure --bro-dist=[your bro source distribution] --with-postresql-inc=`pg_config --includedir` --with-postresql-server-inc=`pg_config --includedir-server` --with-postresql-lib=`pg_config --libdir`

(or just use bro-pig for the installation, which should use all this by default).


I'm guessing that autocorrect bit Johanna here and she meant "bro-pkg". More information can be found here:


Looks like you need to install libpq-dev (and potentially postgresql-server-dev too); at the moment you probably do not have the header files installed. After that installation will probably even work without the additional flags.