Query Regarding bro-osquery - Broker error


I am trying to use bro-osquery integration from https://github.com/iBigQ/osquery-plugin-bro.

I have followed on the steps correctly mentioned in the link, but I am unable to start osquerd

following are the errors.

I0319 11:50:44.819684 29705 broker_manager.cpp:274] Connecting to Bro localhost:47760
W0319 11:50:44.823487 29705 broker_manager.cpp:351] Broker error:4, error(4, ‘broker’, (invalid-node, *localhost:47760, “remote endpoint unavailable”))
W0319 11:50:44.823573 29705 broker_manager.cpp:254] Retrying to connect to Bro…

in the netstat ouput I am able to see the connection getting established

bro-osquery@bro-osquery:~/osquery$ netstat -na | grep ‘47760’
tcp 0 0* LISTEN
tcp6 0 0 :::47760 :::* LISTEN
tcp6 0 0 ::1:47760 ::1:58498 ESTABLISHED
tcp6 144 0 ::1:58498 ::1:47760 ESTABLISHED

In the external/osquery-plugin-bro/install/osquery.conf, I have the configuration as

// The IP and port of the Bro endpoint.
“custom_bro_ip”: “localhost”,
“custom_bro_port”: “47760”,

This setup is on Debian9. Any kind of help would be appreciated.