Question about Broker

Hello Bro Team,
i've tried to use Broker without any result.
Below what i've done:
1. i've compiled bro source with ./configure --enable-broker option
2. I've modified BrokerComm::connect() in printing-connector.bro: i've
changed "" to my listener ip
3. ./bro -b printing-connector.bro
4. I've configured the listener with netcat -l 9999
5. netstat -ant on my bro machine

The last command shows an established connection between the bro
machine and the listener, but there's no data exchange.
What's wrong?

That seems ok to me: the TCP connection gets established, but a plain netcat listener doesn’t have any concept of broker data/messages/connection-handshake to be able to communicate in a meaningful way. Are you just doing this to troubleshoot some other connection problems? What are you expecting or trying to do?

- Jon

Hi Jon,
thanks for your reply.
My final goal is the bro's log transmission from a node to a server: i
think that Broker can be useful to my application, so i've tried to
use the example code to understand better how it works.
If i want to emulate a broker listener, which application can be used?

Any application that integrates/uses the Broker library. So you can have a Bro process as the listener side since it uses Broker. You can also write your own C or C++ program using Broker’s API and start that up as the listener side.

- Jon

Could you suggest me an application to test the protocol? I know, i can write my own app: however in this stage i’m much more interested to test the protocol and see if fits my needs.
An “already done” application could be very helpful.

Currently, I think the only thing using Broker is probably Bro since it’s so new and no one has really had a chance yet to make any other applications with it. My suggestion is still to either write your own program or use a Bro process to talk to another Bro process.

- Jon