Question on "BROBASE"


We have a test environment where we want to run multiple bro instances. Thus, we would like to have /usr/local/bro1, /usr/local/bro2, etc. Is there a way I can change the “BROBASE” variable for copies of the first instance, or do I have to generate the other instances with a “make install” for each? “BROBASE” is an internal variable, and the documentation seems to discourage changing it. This seems to be the cleanest way for us to ensure that we can configure each instance totally independently of the others.



Hello Raj,

I think BROBASE is only used by broctl internally and is not used
by Bro itself at all; Bro uses different environment variable to find its
script called BROPATH.

In any case, it is probably not advisable to change these manually, and
the functionality of them might change in the future (especially when they
might interplay with the bro package manager that is being written at the
moment). So - I would recommend just doing completely separate