question on packages

Hi Bro-Team,

really sorry for asking this, but i am new to unix/linux environment.

Please can you write all the needed packages that the OS should already have prior to installing the Bro system.

What I mean is not only libpcap, tcpdump, etc... but I want to see the all packges like list of c compilers, bison, etc... It would be really cool for those who just want to install it and test the Bro on specific data. Thanks in advance.


Hi again,

just run ./configure and look at its output. It'll guide you through
what you need. Also check ./configure --help for the optional features.
The requirements are actually really quite basic and any typical
development-type package configuration should be fine.

We do not currently release binary packages, however, adding a spec file
for RPMs, for example, would be pretty trivial. If any skilled packagers
are reading this and interested in giving it a shot, get in touch --
we're lacking cycles for the additional maintenance overhead.