RE: 答复: how to install bro?

ps -a
can show u the procces include bro.

yes, by this way i can use bro in an interactive way.
The problem i am encountering now is that i don't know whether the engine

is working or not, for i can't see any output after i executed "./bro -i eth0". And there's nothing logged when i use "./bro -i eth0 -w tmp.log".

Just follow the intrusion:
and you can see things done right

>From: Peng Xuena <>
>To: c
>Subject: how to install bro?
>Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 09:24:05 +0800
>hi, all:
> i am a new comer. i encountered difficulty when i install bro after
compiling the source files. i use the command 'make install' after
executing './configure' and 'make'. But 'make install "raised the error of
'Recursive variable 'INSTALL' references itself". I am wondering the way


you also need to specify the policy file

./bro -i eth0 -w logfile mt.bro

Wang Shaofu wrote: