Reading from a text file


I’m a beginner to Bro scripting language and started implementing an anomaly detection system using Bro. My code generates a training text file and I have to read it when I run it on the network data. Bro website’s file documentation mentions that we can write a text file but not read it. Is there any way we can do it using Bro? Its a MUST part in my implementation.


Not yet, but there will be soon. Johanna Amann has developed a new
"input framework" that can feed external information into Bro both at
startup and also continuously during run-time. Currently, it can read
input from ASCII files and from PostgresSQL. There may be further
interfaces to other sources coming later.

This is actually pretty powerful for a range of applications, and
we're currently preparing the code for merging in. Assuming all goes
well, it will be part of Bro 2.1.