Real time programming and global variables


I have a zeek script to monitor and log modbus traffic between a controller and robots based on specific fields.

I have an event called modbus_message which aggregates messages based on their connection id (c$uid), the function called and the starting read/write address of the function and store them in a table :

global function_ids: table[string, string, count] of Modbus_Detailed;

Based on the icsnpp-modbus package, each function has its own specification, so I use a global variable named modbus_start_address and I overwrite its initial value at each new message depending on the function seen, for example :

event modbus_read_holding_registers_request(c: connection,
                                            headers: ModbusHeaders,
                                            start_address: count,
                                            quantity: count) {

    modbus_start_address              = start_address;
    modbus_quantity           = quantity;


The first problem is that the requests of the controller contain the start address but not the responses do not, so for each response, I need to retrieve its corresponding request (using the transaction id).

But I dont get the expected results, so I tried to schematize the problem :

If two requests call the same function and happen at almost the same time, Is it possible that the value of the global variable modbus_start_address is overwritten before the first execution is done ? And if yes, what should I do to solve this problem ?

Thank you for your help.

No, functions (and event handlers and hooks) run through completion before anything else executes.

FWIW, often problems like what you sketched can be tackled by adding print statements to the script to trace its execution and the contents of key variables at various points.

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(oh and an exception to what I said is use of when statements, but that’s not the case here from what you’ve sketched)