Renaming the Bro Project: seeking proposed names from the community

This year at BroCon we announced that the Bro Project will be changing its name. While “Bro” was originally meant as an Orwellian reminder of the risk that any monitoring fundamentally entails, it has more recently gained a very different, and quite offensive, reputation (“Bro culture”). To avoid facing instant negative impressions with new users that aren’t aware of the history, the Leadership Team has decided to seek a name change.

We are accepting proposed names from the community for two months (due Monday December 4th). The Leadership Team will review the list of possible names and narrow it down to 5 finalists. We will announce the finalists and take a second round of feedback from the community before making the final selection. We hope to announce the new name within the next major release.

To submit a proposed name, fill out the form here:

I wanted to express my unconditional support for this.

The culture of non-inclusive hostile behavior embodied by "bro culture" stands opposite to the remarkable environment that has surrounded this project for as long as I have been a member. It is a shame that the state of R&D is so toxic that this change has to be discussed, but as a shareholder in the community I see it as our responsibility to take /active/ measures to make sure everyone feels welcome and to serve as an example of what a project can and should be.

Also for the record I have always loved the original name with the Orwellian reminder that what we do requires constant responsibility and thoughtfulness.

thank you,