sanity check in bro


I'm sure I'm missing something easy here, but I need a set of
more experienced eyes to help me with this.

In, NetSessions::NextPacket(), there is:

  uint32 src_addr = uint32(ip->ip_src.s_addr);
        uint32 dst_addr = uint32(ip->ip_dst.s_addr);
        uint32 src_port, dst_port;

// grue - print src/dst asap
        fprintf(stderr, "src %s dst %s\n", dotted_addr(src_addr),

I added the fprintf more as a temporary debug line to see
src/dst ip addresses.

When I compile this and run it, I see the same ip address for
source and destination. I would have expected to see different
src/dst addresses, thinking that NetSessions::NextPacket() is called
for every packet received.

So what am I missing?


< paul