Segmentation fault, Bro and a Debian

Sorry for the very long delay in replying to your message. I've been
really underwater :-(, but now am surfacing.

I try to use bro under Debian un-stable (today upgrade) and after some
light modification, I was able to compile bro. But after that, I 've a
segmentation fault...

I am working on getting a new Bro "current" release out the door soon.
It will include a number of portability fixes.

3- I replace '#include <hash_map>' by '#include <hash_map.h>' because,
   hash_map wasn't founded. This work fine but added a warning like that:

(The fix for this was to remove use of hash_map's completely.)

I just change "if (, 0, arglen ) )" by "if (, 0, curr_name ) )"

FYI, this has been changed to:

  if ( strncmp(curr_name, prefix.c_str(), arglen) )

6- A classical link problem with bro compilation under Linux, solve by
   replacing: "-lresolv" by "/usr/lib/resolv.a" in the Makefile.

This one may remain - I'm not enough of an autoconf whiz to untangle
these sorts of headache.

After that, the compilation go to the end but, when I compile bro with
the -g flag and run gdb, I could see that:

Once I get the "current" release out the door (and *do* bug me about it
if I let it lapse, sigh), please let me know if this remains.