sending a question to a special peer


Nodes: A -- B -- C
The function send_ping (bro.bif) is used for sending a ping only to the given event_peer, not to all peers im connected with, right? That means, B can ping C, without sending the ping to A.(?)
Is there a function to do this with events?
A has requested all events from B
B has requested all events from A and C
C has requested all events from B

Now B wants to send a special question event to A, but not to C. I think there is no function yet? -> A and C are receiving this event.
My solution is that the event 'question' has a destination-address and every peer receiving the event compares this address with its own.

event question(dest: addr, [...])
   if( is_remote_event() && my_addr == dest)
     {do something, awnser}

>> more or less, i'm writing a short (german) documentation how
>> inter-bro communication can be used for mobile WLAN clients

> Cool! Can you send me a copy when you're done?


> (Or even before if you'd like to get feedback.)
Yes, Thanks!! :-))

Thanks, Sandro

No, not yet. Bro's model for distribtuting events is currently very
simple: there's only broadcast.

We're are thinking about adding more sophisticated schemes (e.g,
groups of hosts subscribing to events, unicast messages, message
routing, etc.) but so far that's only in an early planing stage.