sendmail nightmares

Good day all!

I am having fits trying to get Sendmail to get BRO alerts to my inbox of my gmail account. They all dump into my spam folder. The Bro instance is at my home location on my internal network. Do I need to do anything special in the /etc/host or the /etc/resolv.conf to make this all work?

Thanks for any help!


You can either add your bro alert ‘from’ address to your contacts list, or you can select a bro message in your spam folder, click on the More button at the top and select Create filter. Make sure the From address is correct, click Create filter with this search, check the Never send it to Spam, and click Create filter. This should stop your email from bro as being marked as spam.

Some information on what gets marked as spam is here:

Which includes some details on how gmail does host validation