Serious problem running bro-pub-0.8a48 on OpenBSD 3.3

Hi All,

I keep getting segmentation faults while I attempt to run Bro 0.8a48 on OpenBSD3.3.
I've gone back and tried some older versions and the last version I can run without
seg faults is 0.8a32. None of the versions after that one seem to work for me. Has
anyone faced this problem before??

- I am running this on a P3-600 MHz, 200 MB memory system. Is that too slow?

- The size of the 'bro.core' file upon the seg-fault is of the order of 500 MB.
Isn't that weird? The response time of my system also increases drastically
when I start Bro (other than version 0.8a32 - where it remains very normal).

I have the same problem with 0.8a48 and 0.8a37 on

Vern, any suggestions?