Smtp.log missing x-originating-ip

Topic says it...after a digging into this it appears my smtp.log is missing all x-originating-ip:

[18:11:06 ids:~/current$] head -n 40 smtp.log | bro-cut -d ts x_originating_ip
2016-01-18T23:58:31+0000 -
2016-01-18T23:58:34+0000 -
2016-01-18T23:58:32+0000 -
2016-01-18T23:58:35+0000 -
2016-01-18T23:58:39+0000 -
2016-01-18T23:58:46+0000 -
2016-01-18T23:58:52+0000 -
2016-01-18T23:59:02+0000 -
2016-01-18T23:59:04+0000 -

I can see the field in full packet captures. Any hints on what I'm missing? Thank you.


Could you privately send along a couple of headers that it's messing up?