Some Barnyard2 Bro Plugin Fixes

I've been trying to get the Bro-Barnyard2 integration working, and have been seeing a lot of segfaults. It looks like Snort/Suricata's internals are generating alerts with strange protocol numbers, and Bro will still segfault due to some issues with port handling in Broccoli (see: <>).

I've fixed the immediate issue on the Barnyard2 side of things, by only sending events with a protocol of TCP/UDP/ICMP. It seems to be working well for me. My changes are in: <>.I'd appreciate it if someone could take a quick look before I submit a pull request. Specifically, I'm worried about having introduced some memleaks by bailing out of the function early when bro_record_add_val fails.

Of course, it'd also be awesome to get that underlying issue fixed. I've done some poking around but have had no luck so far.