Some events not received by broccoli


I’m using broccoli to receive bro (2.2-5) events and are having some problems. Consider the following.

The broccoli client is listening to 2 events.
bro_event_registry_add(m_bc, “file_new”, (BroEventFunc)&Broccoli::newFile, this);
bro_event_registry_add(m_bc, “test_event”, (BroEventFunc)&Broccoli::newFile, this);

The following bro script is used.

global test_event: event(f: fa_file);
event file_new(f: fa_file)
event test_event(f);

The file_new event is correctly received by my broccoli client however the test_event is not received. If I change the content of the test_event to something else it works.

global test_event: event(f: string);
event file_new(f: fa_file)
event test_event(f$mime_type);

So, is this expected and in that case why and what is the proposed way of solving the issue?

(Also noticed that the file_state_removed(f: fa_file) event is not received by the broccoli client.)

Thank you

Björn Samvik
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It’s somewhat of a bug in broccoli: it doesn't support receiving events that have arguments containing vector values and silently discards those that do. The reason why file_new is received, but not test_event/file_state_removed is because the fa_file record argument starts off with some optional vector fields that aren’t initialized and they later become populated by some Bro scripts before test_event/file_state_removed make it through the event queue.

I’ve patched broccoli [1] to be able to receive vectors, which should fix your problem if you want to try it. Otherwise, the workaround is to send the broccoli client simpler data types (Bro connection/fa_file/*::Info records can get complicated), perhaps picking out just pieces you need.

- Jon



I have tested your patch and it works perfectly.

Thanks for the information and the patch.