Spicy: Looking for contributors

You may have heard about Spicy, a next-generation parser generator for
Bro and beyond; see HILTI and Spicy for more. Spicy is
currently still in prototype state, and you might have noticed that
progress has stalled recently. The reason is simple: the research
project that made the work possible so far has concluded, which
unfortunately leaves only limited resources right now to transition
the code to production state.

Recently, however, a few people have indicated to me that they would
be willing to contribute time to help move the project forward. So I
thought I'd see if we can get a group of volunteers together to work
on the code towards an initial production Spicy release. If we get
some folks together, I can offer guidance for understanding codebase
and work that needs to be done, and also perform code review and
upstream merging.

As a starting point, I've compiled an initial roadmap of items that
need work: Roadmap · rsmmr/hilti Wiki · GitHub. Not all of
that is crucial; I've marked the most important pieces that I would
deem necessary for an initial release (assuming we'd put the focus on
usability and stability at first, rather than performance).

So, if you are interested in contributing to Spicy, raise you hand.
Please send any replies to the HILTI list or, if you prefer, to me