ssl binpac analyzer -- patches

Hi all,

I have been working on the development of an ssl analyzer using binpac, which is now finished. In the process of development, I have found and fixed some bugs in binpac, as well as added an additional feature to binpac. Attached you can find the patches for binpac in the bro-1.2.1 distribution (binpac-[1-8].patch) with a file documenting the patches (binpac-patch-doc.txt). I would like to ask you to have a look over those patches (especially Ruoming). All of the patches should be applied with patch -p1 in the main bro directory.


binpac-1.patch (1010 Bytes)

binpac-2.patch (2.82 KB)

binpac-3.patch (1.37 KB)

binpac-4.patch (540 Bytes)

binpac-5.patch (2.12 KB)

binpac-6.patch (1.07 KB)

binpac-7.patch (751 Bytes)

binpac-8.patch (6.02 KB)

binpac-patch-doc.txt (3.8 KB)

Ruoming, if you can do quickly skim over the patches to see if
they're fine, I'll apply the patches to my branch and also integrate
Tobias' new SSL analyzer.


Yes, I'm looking at them now.

Tobias: Thanks for sharing the patches and providing detailed explanations!