SSLv3 Installation errors installingBro on Raspberry Pi 2 running Arch Linux

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Hope this is ok to ask this here…?

SSLv3 Installation errors installing bro on Raspberry Pi 2 running Arch Linux

Archlinux: 4.4.8-2-ARCH (latest 11:04:2016)
Bro: Both 2.4.1 and 2.3.2 tested
Broccoli: 1.97 packaged with Bro 2.4.1

When running the following order of install commands for Bro


First Error: Which I seem to get past
…but not sure if it contribute to the second error.
/home/bro/bro-2.3.2/src/ error: ‘SSLv3_method’ was not declared in this scope.

Editing using nano the file, I am able to change the SSL version from 3 to 23 and rerun make and it will continue past this section.

Second Error:

It then fails at

[ 95%] Linking C executable brohose
…/src/ undefined reference to `SSLv3_method’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
aux/broccoli/test/CMakeFiles/brohose.dir/build.make:98: recipe for target ‘aux/broccoli/test/brohose’ failed

This looks more like a compiled file than a script and if I edit it the MAKE the process fails to read the file.

I do see at there is a bug reported fixed:

Found in version broccoli/1.97-2

Fixed in version broccoli/1.97-3

I’ve found broccoli folder with 1.97-3 downloads for Ubuntu but not sue if and how it can be incorporated to the MAKE process.

Looking for advice

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Damian Barlow

I’ve just found a patch from the bro archives which I missed earlier.
I will see if I can work out how to use it…
Can anyone advise how to install?

Rookie mistake.

I found the patches on my mobile so didn’t investigate further before sending the second email.
Now home I can see that I can edit another file mentioned in the patches, manually.
I’ve done that now and the install has finished.

One positive is that I’ve learned to use the archive repository.

Will continue on now with further configuring.