state of $BRO_LOG_SUFFIX ?

It looks like for the most part this is no longer used. Hoewver, I see
at least two exceptions. The first is the function log_file_name() in, which appears to now only be used by The second
is open_log_file() in base/init-bare.bro (which calls log_file_name()),
which only appears to be called by policy/misc/profiling.bro.

(I've held off on filing a ticket on this until I understand the
view of what's expected.)


Yeah, that's essentially not supported anymore right now. As you write,
open_log_file() will still apply it, but almost nothing goes through
that anymore.

I believe this should be easy to fix for the ASCII writer. It can see
the environment variable and would just need to add it to the
filenames it generates.