String as Vector of Bytes

So, according to the docs, Bro stores strings, internally, as a vector of bytes (and a count). Is there anyway to actually get access to the bytes as ints or counts in a bro script? Looking at the bro cheatsheet, I didn’t see any functions that could convert a string to any sort of integer related format. The thing that came closest was bytestring_to_hexstring, but that still returns a regular string (except with all bytes converted to string hex). Is there any function I’m missing that converts a string to a vector of count or something similar?

bytestring_to_count() [1] may help. E.g.:

  local s = "testing";
  for ( c in s ) print bytestring_to_count(c);

- Jon


Yup, exactly what I’m looking for. I guess the cheat sheet isn’t up to date.