Three patches

· A python patches a few broctl scripts so they work with Redhat 5

· A patch to run-bor to export two environ variables to support PF_RING

· A patch to src/ serialize the works opening of network interface when PF_RING is enabled and reading form multiple interface. This is to insure that each work has the same PF_RING slot index . This is need to to make PF_RING perflow option to work correctly

There is a PF_RING limit of 8 fd per cluster id. This limits the number of works per host to 8.

Bill Jones

mutli_interface_pring.patch (1.63 KB)

python.patch (1.82 KB)

run-bro_export.patch (366 Bytes)

If you modify CLUSTER_LEN in pfring.h when installing PF_RING, you can
up the cluster worker limit. I needed to do this for my 16-core