true global functions/tables/variables

hi everybody

today i noticed that i can't define functions, tables or variables and use it different policy files. it only worked, after i placed these things in the bro.init file.
i think it is a drawback if it's impossible to implement a certain functionality with a bunch of files and use the same functions, tables etc. in them.
if an algorithm is a bit complex you have no chance to implement it with a nice structure...

thanx for any help or comments

Hi Christoph,

I'm far from a Bro language guru but I don't think that's true. Just as
an example, function service_name() is defined in conn.bro but used in
conn.bro and login.bro. Are you @load'ing things correctly? I hope I'm
not just missing your point ...


sorry, your right. i messed up with the @load commands.
i didn't realize that the order of loading files and defining
functions is important.