turn off host up/down emails

How would I go about stopping the e-mails about hosts being up/down? I use nagios to track host status and would rather not have this done in multiple places. I believe this e-mail is done as part of the tasks from the cron job, but I don’t if there is an option to turn this off or if it would require a hook into the notice framework. If it does take a notice hook, what would be the cleanest way to suppress these e-mails? Perhaps there is a specific type that I could suppress?

If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!

Those emails are generated by broctl cron, and there is no option
to configure that behavior.

Before I stopped using broctl I had to configure postfix to drop these...not sure how your setup is though. Seth, we really need an option to turn these off.


Fortunately I don't think I'm the appropriate person to direct this request to anymore! :slight_smile:

There is currently work going on to heavily revamp broctl and I'm sure that Justin and Daniel will take your suggestion into account.

Justin, Daniel, do you guys have any thoughts into how this behavior could be better handled or have you already begun to restructure this code? I vaguely recall someone mentioning going through and documenting all of the cases where emails are sent from BroControl as an attempt to rethink the whole approach to be more user focused and modernized (with how people run broctl clusters these days). Am I remembering that correctly?


No option to disable these currently, but in the meantime if you
can, just edit BroControl/cron.py and comment out line 202:

    util.output("host %s %s" % (node.host, alive == "1" and "up" or "down"))

That will stop that output for now..

Ah that's great thanks for the info Seth. I'm thinking just an option in broctl.conf:

AlertOnInterface = no

Type of thing.


I've created a ticket as a reminder to address this issue before the next release.

Thank you, I’ll comment out the indicated line until an official option is added at a later date.