udp module

Hi ,
is udp module is available in bro ? i need this for nfs.bro scrips when i run this nfs.bro script iam getting below message

fatal error in ./nfs.bro, line 3: can’t find udp


i fixed that problem and now i am getting below error when i run this

error in ./notice.bro, line 112: unknown identifier alarm, at or near “alarm”

code alarm fmt("%s (%d time%s)", s, n, n > 1 ? “s” : “”); anythink wrong in this line

Hi Sunu,

it looks like you found a Bro script that was written for a very old
version of Bro (< 2.0). You will probably have to nearly completely
re-write that script because of functionality changes; alarm e.g. do not
exist anymore (I think they map to notices).

Also note that the NFS code in Bro is not regularly tested and there might
be bugs lurking in it.