Unable to generate Intel log


I have been reading the Zeek Intel docs (https://docs.zeek.org/en/master/frameworks/intel.html) and trying to get it to work on my Zeek (4.0.0 on CentOS-7).

I have correctly formatted Intel files and a custom script to load them

redef Intel::read_files += {
@load frameworks/intel/seen
@load frameworks/intel/do_notice

On trying to do a DNS query for a known bad domain, nothing gets logged in intel.log or notice.log

However, I do get the following entry in reporter.log

xxxxxx.xxx Reporter::WARNING failed to convert remote event ‘Intel::match_remote’ arg #0, got vector, expected record (empty)

If anybody has any pointers on how to proceed, I will be grateful.


This bug is fixed in 4.0.1.


Thanks for pointing it out. I missed the entry in release notes & somehow my google skills failed to find the relevant github bug. For record it is https://github.com/zeek/zeek/issues/1506 .I’ll update Zeek to fix this.