Unit test extensions

Has anyone in the community extended btest to support better test metrics? Currently btest will give me a pass or fail per file as opposed to having multiple scenarios in a file. The structure I am looking for is below:

Example in one file

#test code here

#test code here

Success 2 out of 2 passed

If each scenario can share the same @TEST-EXEC commands and just need
different %INPUT contents, then @TEST-START-NEXT may work for you.

- Jon

There are also two more mechanisms that might be helpful:

    - Split a test across parts: https://github.com/zeek/btest#splitting-tests-into-parts
    - Display where you are inside a test: https://github.com/zeek/btest#displaying-progress

May all not be quite what you're looking for, though.


Yes this is similar.