Urgent, plz Help me


please i am a researcher interested to test your powerful system Bro compare our method of anomaly detection implemented in our laboratory in france;

Plz i have some questions, plz i need a help to know responses on them:

our traces are files saved on a certain server in TCPDump format,and we need only to know if the anomalies in these traces are detected or not then we need only to test Bro with offline data and then i am interested to know,can we do that?

and then can we avoid the configuration phase of Bro(giving interfaces names and local nets)?

How can we get the detection alert of Bro, is it just by email?

If i want to run Bro in TRW mode, can i do it?and how?

I try to install the Bro but i dont have a root log in and i tried to installa it and when i do configure, it give an error that it does not found the OpenSSL libcrypto library?how can i resolve this problem to arrive to make and make install the Bro?

thank you very much.

Hello all,

I'm speaking directly (in French) with Diana in order to
help her about the first stages.
Be sure we'll come back later as needed.

Best regards,