User Agent parser in bro


I am looking for a way to parse the User Agent string in bro.

Is anybody aware of any bro scripts which are similar in functionality to something like ua-parser-js ( ) or ES user-agent ingest plugin ( )?

Thanks in advance!


I have found this project: It shall be possible to build bro ua-parser based on it. But I do not want to reinvent the wheel and prefer to use existing implementation if any…

The only thing I am aware of is the software log (see If you need more functionality, this would be a good candidate for a bro package.


Hi Vitaly!

I’ve been wanting to port one of these type of things to Bro for a long time. That would be a great contribution if you wanted to take that on. I’m sure that a number of people would find it valuable. I don’t know of anyone in the community that has already done it.



Here you go:

Installable through bro package manager.

I hope, it will be useful not only for my case.