using binpac for protocol parser

Hello All,

I would like to use binpac for protocol analyzer creation. The protocol is called cb2a, it’s a bank exchange protocol.

I find very few sources which explains the way of building analyzers using binpac from scratch. The only ones I have are “binpac: A yacc for writing application protocol Parsers” and the sample-message example.

However, I have been able to use binpac for file creation .cc and .h.

When adding the new folder in /usr/src/bro/src/analyzer/protocol/cb2a in the CMakeLists.txt with the below files and doing ./configure and then make, I have the error

“Linking CXX executable bro

CMakeFiles/bro.dir/ In function `__make_sure_to_use_plugin_globals()’:

/usr/src/bro-2.3/build/src/ undefined reference to `plugin::Bro_Cb2a::__plugin’

There is something to do with file but I don’t know what… this file is not generated by binpac, so I have done one, but still the same issue.

Anyone can help me please?