Version: 2.0-907 -- Bro manager memory exhaustion

© something as simple as a cut and paste of the
PF_RING/ixgbe startup configs and the node.cfg

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you're looking for, but is this still
needed with the new load balancing support in broctl?

From <>:

* Improvements to built-in load-balancing support. Instead of adding
  a separate worker entry in node.cfg for each Bro worker process on
  each worker host, it is now possible to just specify the number of
  worker processes on each host. (Daniel Thayer)

  This change adds three new keywords to the node.cfg file (to be
  used with worker entries): lb_procs (specifies number of workers
  on a host), lb_method (specifies what type of load balancing to
  use: pf_ring, myricom, or interfaces), and lb_interfaces (used
  only with "lb_method=interfaces" to specify which interfaces to
  load-balance on).

  Two new broctl plugins (which operate automatically and the user
  doesn't need to be aware of them) are added to set the appropriate
  environment variables when either PF_RING or myricom
  load-balancing is being used.

What might be interesting is to document some use cases on the website.
e.g. a university is looking at 8 Gbps on 5 boxes with 8 workers each,
using Myricom NICs, and a Gigamon Whatever-42 frontend.