Whitelist content from the weird.log file


I would like to exclude events that is showing up in the weird.log file that is OK. Here is an example of some events. Port 10050 is Zabbix and 3128 is a proxy server where it doesn’t like a connection to a googleapi service. My goal is to to eventually get the weird.log file to show only abnormal connections. How do I do this?


1673235644.435756	CsEAgs4WBj447UqTs5	59456	10050	data_before_established	-	F	zeek	TCP
1673235644.436273	CsEAgs4WBj447UqTs5	59456	10050	inappropriate_FIN	-	F	zeek	TCP
1673235648.790509	C7D38uZICjxSbsK9e	63989	3128	data_before_established	-	F	zeek	TCP
1673235648.832398	C7D38uZICjxSbsK9e	63989	3128	bad_HTTP_request	-	F	zeek	HTTP
1673235648.832398	C7D38uZICjxSbsK9e	63989	3128	line_terminated_with_single_CR	-	F	zeek	CONTENTLIN

Justin’s ZeekWeek talk offers multiple ways to accomplish this, IIRC:

Thank you @Richard_Bejtlich, that looks promising.

I would like to exclude events that is showing up in the weird.log file that is OK.

As an aside, the weirds you point out aren’t necessarily “OK”. The data_before_established / inappropriate_FIN may indicate that Zeek was just started and missed part of the involved TCP connection, or packets are being dropped due to overload.

The bad_HTTP_request and line_terminated_with_single_CR may also be caused by dropped packets, or could indicate that client/server/proxy do not follow the protocol properly or Zeek’s HTTP parser not dealing properly with the traffic. If you see this regularly, it would be great if you could submit a pcap as a GitHub issue.

Great point Arne. OP, what does your capture loss log look like?


Hi Arne.

I see it continually, that is why I was trying to get rid of it in my logs through a whitelist.

Here is what it looks like in the different logs. I thought it was just the googleapi URL, but it appears to be a lot more hosts. I will get a capture of it and open up a github issue.

conn.log:1673278813.561882	CQixWk282I0KcVFto9	52826	3128	tcp	-	0.343318	4047	0	S0	T	T	0	ScADc	12	4539	00	-
dpd.log:1673278813.604738	CQixWk282I0KcVFto9	52826	3128	tcp	HTTP	not a http request line
http.log:1673278813.562333	CQixWk282I0KcVFto9	52826	3128	1	CONNECT	wdcp.microsoft.com:443	wdcp.microsoft.com:443	-	-	-	-	0	0-	-	-	-	(empty)	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-
weird.log:1673278813.562333	CQixWk282I0KcVFto9	52826	3128	data_before_established	-	F	zeek	TCP
weird.log:1673278813.604738	CQixWk282I0KcVFto9	52826	3128	bad_HTTP_request	-	F	zeek	HTTP
weird.log:1673278813.604738	CQixWk282I0KcVFto9	52826	3128	line_terminated_with_single_CR	-	F	zeek	CONTENTLINE


Actually, now that I am starting to see more traffic through this firewall (regular workday), the weird log is containing entries outside of the proxy.

root@fw1:/opt/zeek/spool/zeek# wc -l weird.log conn.log
1250 weird.log
1179 conn.log

So this is a completely different issue than the whitelist that I was originally looking for. I was only seeing the google api connection yesterday, which I could have dealt with through a filter.

Should I open another thread, since this one has been answered?

BTW, I am running version 5.1.1 on Ubuntu 22.04.


The conn.log history entry you shows indicates there are checksum errors: ScADc. Probably that’s what’s happening on your end. Searching for checksum errors and Zeek and the sniffing setup you use hopefully lets you find something. That one came up recently on GitHub 2673.

But yeah, makes sense to open a new thread for that if you’re stuck.

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