Worker Identification

Lo All,

Is there a way to extend Bro to add a “worker” field in the files.log? I’d like to know where the packets are being processed.

I’m doing file carving and the carved files are stored locally to each respective worker. Finding the interface the files crossed is pretty difficult in a large network.

Also, it would be nice to extend other logs to see what traffic is crossing what workers in order to map the network.

Maybe this is already possible, but i couldn’t find much, and I’m pretty new at brogramming.


We use something like the below to add worker names to our connection logs

redef record Conn::Info += {

peer_descr: string &default=“unknown” &log;


event connection_state_remove(c: connection){

c$conn$peer_descr = peer_description;


John Donaldson

Works like a charm. Thanks John.