Zeek 3.0.0 RC2 available

Release Candidate 2 for Zeek 3.0.0 is now available for


See the CHANGES file for a list of changes since RC1.

This major release will have many additions and changes, the
most prominent being a comprehensive adaptation to use Zeek
instead of Bro. See the NEWS file for the full list of
important differences to be aware of when upgrading and testing.
Our blog also describes the upcoming release and potential
issues when upgrading:


Please report bugs at our GitHub project:


Or feel free to give feedback directly on the Zeek mailing list.

Hi everyone, we're planning to release final Zeek 3.0.0 next week on
9/23, so please take the opportunity to report any bugs/issues you've
encountered. Afterward, the Bro 2.6.x release series won't see
significant maintenance or updates.

- Jon