Zeek and Suricata Training at BSides Kansas City, 19-20 April 2024

Level Up Your Network Security Super Powers: Zeek + Suricata Training and Capture the Flag Competition at BSides Kansas City

Friday, April 19 - Zeek + Suricata Training (full-day)
Saturday, April 20 - Zeek + Suricata CtF

Registration: BSidesKC 2024 Tickets, Fri, Apr 19, 2024 at 8:00 AM | Eventbrite

Join us for a Zeek + Suricata open source training day led by a member of the Corelight Open Source Champions team on April 19. We will delve into the world of network security monitoring with Zeek and Suricata, globally recognized open source network security and threat detection tools. From introductory sessions unlocking Zeek’s power, to deep dives into its architecture and log analysis, participants will gain invaluable insights to supercharge their threat detection powers. We will cover:

Introduction to Zeek and Suricata: Kickstart your network security journey by harnessing the power of these open source tools.

Architecture Deep Dive: Explore the intricacies of Zeek and Suricata’s advanced architecture, empowering you to enhance your threat detection skills.

Logs: Learn to extract valuable insights from Zeek logs, from common to SSL/TLS, to outsmart cyber threats.

Detect Like a Pro: Elevate your detection game with high-level Zeek and Suricata scripts for proactive threat identification.

Mastering Zkg Magic: Unlock the full potential of Zeek’s package manager (Zkg) to effortlessly extend its capabilities and conquer new security horizons.

Come back on Saturday, April 20 for a fun and interactive Capture the Flag competition. Test your newfound skills with Zeek and Suricata in a fun and challenging environment. Beyond the knowledge gained, we can’t wait to meet you at BSides KC to forge valuable connections and make learning an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your network security skills with Zeek and Suricata.