Zeek feature release candiate: 5.2.0-rc1

The first pre-release for Zeek 5.2.0 is now available.

Zeek: Get Zeek

See the release notes for details of the addressed bugs and security issues:

Release v5.2.0-rc1 · zeek/zeek · GitHub

Binary packages for the new releases will also be available shortly:

Binary Packages · zeek/zeek Wiki · GitHub

Alongside this release, a number of the extra and/or internal tools had version increases:

Bifcl 1.7.0: https://download.zeek.org/bifcl-1.7.0.tar.gz
Binpac 0.60.0: https://download.zeek.org/binpac-0.60.0.tar.gz
Btest 1.0: https://download.zeek.org/btest-1.0.tar.gz
Zeekctl 2.5.0: https://download.zeek.org/zeekctl-2.5.0.tar.gz
Zeek-client 1.2.0: zeek-client · PyPI

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