Zeek manager process not terminating when restarting the zeek

I configured the zeek for cluster setup and developed a service file for it. After some time the service failed. When I checked with the status command, the manager process is taking care of all other node’s job while the other proxies and workers are either not running or crashed. I am not able restart the service as the PID is keep changing. The diag command shows that the port number is not configured. So I had to restart the system to resolve it. But restarting the machine is not proper solution if this occurs again in future. Can anybody suggest me the solution for this?

Name Type Host Pid VSize Rss Cpu Cmd
manager manager localhost 63284 8G 6G 483% zeek
proxy-1 proxy localhost
worker-1-1 worker localhost
worker-1-2 worker localhost
worker-1-3 worker localhost
worker-1-4 worker localhost
worker-1-5 worker localhost
worker-1-6 worker localhost
worker-1-7 worker localhost
worker-1-8 worker localhost

version: zeek 4.0.4