Zeek Newsletter - Issue 24 - December 2022

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ZeekWeek 2022 videos finished premiering on YouTube in December. Benjamin Bannier released Spicy 1.6.0. Otherwise, it was a fairly quiet month.

Development Updates

On 12 December, Benjamin Bannier announced the release of Spicy 1.6.0. See the NEWS file for a high-level summary, or the CHANGES file for a detailed list of changes.



Zeek in the Community

On 5 December, Doug Burks announced the release of Security Onion 2.3.190, including Zeek 5.0.4:


On 6 December, Seth Grover announced the release of Malcolm 6.4.3, including Zeek 5.0.4:


On 7 December, Fatema Bannat Wala hosted a Zeek community call. The recording is here:


Thanks to everyone subscribed to our YouTube channel, we’ve hit the 4,000 mark, with 250k views! Check us out here:


Zeek in the Enterprise

Thanks to Gavin Li who prompted the creation of a #windows channel in the Zeek Slack. He has been trying to compile Zeek on Windows using Microsoft’s contribution to the code base.

At this point we provide experimental support for Windows. The Zeek 5.2 release, scheduled for early 2023, will be the first to formally feature Windows support. Please consider testing the new code by compiling it on Windows:


Upcoming Events

All ZeekWeek 2022 videos are on YouTube.

The easiest way to stay informed on this content is to subscribe to the Zeek YouTube channel:


The following playlist contains all 19 videos:


Zeek Package Updates

Changes to packages are available via this search:


The https://packages.zeek.org site reported the last 5 updates as of 3 January:

1/3/23, 4:12 AM shodan-zeek

1/1/23, 10:53 PM anomalous-dns

12/27/22, 7:20 PM bro-http2

12/23/22, 10:27 AM spicy-dhcp

12/23/22, 3:02 AM zeekjs

Get Involved

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