zeek package manager on host not connected to internet

Hello team,

i have zeek package manager installed on one system.iam trying to transfer packages to another system using bundle,unbundle.

do i need to install zkg on another system( lf yes,iam having a problem installing zkg using pip)

is there anyother way to transfer zeek packages from one system to another system and load.


Yes, the easiest way to unbundle would be to have `zkg` do it. Also,
`pip` itself doesn't necessarily need internet to install `zkg` if you
want to just download the source directly and use it. For example:

  wget https://github.com/zeek/package-manager/archive/v2.0.7.tar.gz
  # Transport the tarfile however you need to get it where it has to be.
  tar -xzf v2.0.7.tar.gz
  pip install package-manager-2.0.7/

Or if the issue is using `pip` at all, you can install manually in the
usual setuptools way. E.g. `python setup.py install`.

- Jon