Zeek Training sub-group Meeting minutes

Hi everyone,

Thank you for joining the sub-group meeting this morning. Appreciate the participation and look forward to working with you all.
Please find below the meeting minutes from today’s meeting and make sure to add yourself to the spreadsheet here for forming the smaller working groups (details below).

Let me know in case of any questions or issues.

Meeting Minutes:

  • Welcome and quick intro to the Training Sub-group

  • A quick round of introductions around the room and a background of the training sub-group.

  • Quick housekeeping: slack/mailing lists?

  • If you haven’t done already, please join the Training slack channel (click here to join) and the training mailing list (click here to subscribe)

  • Go over the objectives and high level goals of the group

  • We discussed the high level goals and objectives of this sub-group and what to expect in up-comming meetings. The high level goals discussed can be found here.

  • Polling the interest to form the sub-groups

  • We discussed the idea of forming smaller working groups of the people who are interested to work on a particular sub-goal and created an excel sheet to record the interests of people to work on particular goals, the spreadsheet can be found here. Please fill the spreadsheet corresponding to the area of interest if you would like to participate in the working groups.

  • Next steps: meeting logistics, shared drive/folders

  • Currently the Training sub-group will meet weekly on Fridays at 8am PT USA

  • There is a shared folder for the sub-group to keep track of notes and other related documents (the shared folder is currently accessible to the people subscribed to the training mailing list - training@zeek.org).